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Happy New Year Watchmen!!! Beginning January 1, 2024 we have been led to begin praying for the nations. This is the 4th addition to the PPV Prayer Guide since we were led to begin the Perpetual Prayer Vigil on January 1, 2019. We will have one nation each month as a prayer target. Each month you will receive the name of the leader of the nation and specific prayer targets for the nation in our monthly PPV blog. As always, please remember you have the liberty to be led by our Holy Spirit during your prayer time for the nations. Our monthly prayers will be based on the following scriptures: 1 Timothy 2:1, 2…..Matthew 28:18-20…. Matthew 24:14 


These are the general prayer targets for the nations every day, in the mighty name of Jesus: 

1. Father God, we ask for OPEN HANDS to minister the gospel (Proverbs 2:20)

2. Father God, we ask for OPEN DOORS to spread the gospel (Colossians 4:2,3)

3. Father God, we ask for OPEN MINDS to receive the gospel (Acts 26:17,18)

4. Father God, we ask for OPEN HEARTS to embrace the gospel (2 Corinthians 4:6)

5. Father God, we ask for OPEN HEAVENS so the gospel will transform nations(Isaiah 45:8)

For the month of January, our first nation to pray for is Ghana.

Specific Prayers for Ghana

1. Ghana is a predominantly Christian nation (over 65%.) It operates generally in peace while being surrounded by nations who experience great unrest and persecution. Pray that the peace of God will continue to dominate this nation and spread to its surrounding neighbors by the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Pray that the President of Ghana and those in authority will govern with righteousness, mercy and Godly Wisdom and avoid any ungodly influences(ie., humanism, spiritualism, occult practices,etc).

3. Pray that the Christian population in Ghana will begin to be discipled by mature Christian leaders in the Body of Christ. This discipleship movement will not only impact Ghana but also the surrounding nations in Western Africa and eventually the entire continent in the mighty name of Jesus. 

Watchmen's Word presented by Jericho Walls International Prayer Network

Watchmen's Reflection (feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section located at the bottom of this page.)

  1. As watchmen we often focus on prayer, but another important focal point for watchmen is the Word of God. Do you read, meditate, and pray, the word regularly?

  2. Don't forget to include the nation of Ghana in your prayer time this month.


Corporate Prayer Time

Corporate prayer time will be Sunday January 28, 2024 from 3-5pm. I’m asking every watchman to attend as we begin our 5th year of PPV!!!! I will share the vision for PPV 2024, have a time of prayer, and conclude with a time of food and fellowship. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend to celebrate all that God has done and is doing thru the power of prayer!!!! Details to join us in person will be emailed, so join our email list today by becoming a member on the website. To join us online use the zoom info below.

Connect on Zoom at OR

Dial 1.312.626.6799

Meeting ID: 891 0387 8809

Pass code: 419278

Global Family Prayer

If your PPV Prayer time is during the early morning hours ( between 3:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M.), please consider joining us on our Global platform. We have had intercessors on our "hour of power" from Uganda, Singapore, and Ireland! How encouraging it is to know that there are "watchmen on the wall" all over the world (Isaiah 62:6,7)!!

Below is a link that can connect you with our PPV hour of prayer with Global Family Prayer every Friday morning at 4am (CST) beginning February 3rd. The best way for you to join this prayer time is by signing up for eventbrite so that you will be notified when the zoom link for the event changes as well as speakers during the church hours etc. It is important to note that the direct zoom link should NEVER be shared publicly. However you may share the eventbrite link below with others.

*If you have any questions please email Thelma Bryant 

"Our Battle"

After a cruel attack on the life of a young man on the parking lot of Calvary Bible Church in Florissant, MO a committed group of pastors decided to come together to Pray and stand against the attacks of the enemy on our city, state, country, and world. We believe this monthly gathering is evidence of the prayers that have been going forth in out city to "tear down wickedness, raise up righteousness, and bring healing to our land." As believers we have the spiritual authority and faith filled prayer is a God ordained way for us to exercise that authority. In support of this prayer gathering please join us as "we pray heaven to earth" (Matthew 6:10).

For details about upcoming meetings visit 

Check It Out!

Below is the link to a powerful YOUTUBE video that will help you start your day with effective prayer and encourage you as "watchmen on the wall":

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